Breaking chains, changing lives.

Freedom In Christ Course

The Freedom In Christ Course is for every Christian, from those who have been Christians for a long time to those who have only just made that decision, from those who are progressing steadily to those who feel stuck. The course does not focus on how to behave, rather on how to believe. After all, Christ has already set us free and given us everything we need.

Prayer Service

During this service, we pray for seven strategic prayer areas: Spirit-fueled movement, discerning and committed leaders, fearless boldness in sharing the gospel, reclaiming kingdom territory, softened hearts along with opened minds, grace-filled healing, and Holy Spirit-led self-reflection. For each of these, we pray over family, religion, government, entertainment, education, business, and media.  

Healing and Deliverance

This aspect of Freedom Ministry incorporates Prayer Warriors who are used by God to provide freedom in Christ through inner healing, physical healing, and deliverance from demonic influence.