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Developing a Christ Connection

Through a personal relationship with Jesus, we understand it is God’s design for us to connect with Him and with one another. We know He wants us to see Him as more than a Sunday morning experience. The personal connection we have to God, through our Savior & role model — Jesus, is so fulfilling when we dive right in. We know this is a journey, and we are content to crawl, walk, jog, or run alongside you in your faith journey. The reality is we want to see people choose Jesus not because they feel forced but because they truly see Him as a best friend who gave His life to save ours. Rituals and formalities may have their place, but we are totally convinced it is the condition of one’s heart that matters most to God.

First time guest?

We’re so happy you’re here. Please consider reaching out to us somewhere so that we can stay in touch with you.

New Believer?

Great! Click here to see some of the resources available via our website to help you get moving in your spiritual walk, and we would love to hear from you about your journey.

Next Steps

Looking for next steps in your faith walk? We’re here to support you at every age and stage with a variety of spiritually enriching resources. Connect with us to get plugged in.

Joining us for Worship

Our service is at 10:00am every Sunday. We also stream our service online.
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What is cvfree all about?

Our mission is to know God and to make God known by connecting to Christ within ourselves, our church, and our community. How do we do that? Here are our values and approach:

Ridiculous Generosity

Let the church be known by how it gives to its community. We believe in being a people that gives above and beyond of our gifts, our time, and our finances so we can better accomplish our mission.

Joyful Service

We believe that every person, no matter their age or skill, can serve in some way. We seek to match individuals with service opportunities that match their talents and gifts so they may serve with joy to bless others.

Radical Compassion

Jesus said the world would know we follow Him if we love one another (John 13:35). cvfree seeks to welcome every individual with Christ-like love no matter their history, appearance, or station.

Transforming Grace

By being generous, joyful, and compassionate, it is our aim to introduce everyone in our community to the transforming grace of Christ and to walk with them on that journey.

Interested in knowing more about our core values and mission?

cvfree is a proud member of the Genesis Conference of Free Methodist Churches
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