Give from the Heart

We believe that tithing is a matter of the heart. Biblically speaking, a tithe is 10% of income given to God but it is also an action that should stem from a heart condition that freely acknowledges that God is THE priority in our lives, and that includes our finances. This is something we teach on a regular basis and is something we seek to live out on an individual basis and as a whole church. A lot of prayer and discernment goes into how we manage our funds to ensure that everything is centered around God and His plan for our community.

And that’s why we offer many resources to our congregation and to the community to help people learn what God says about money; whether it’s a testimony from one of our regular attenders of how their obedience in giving resulted in huge blessings from God, or meeting together for Financial Peace University. It’s also why we offer online giving as an option for people to follow God’s lead and live a life of obedience to Him. We feel passionate about making it clear that every resource we have, financial or otherwise, is being used to build God’s kingdom in our community.

Why give?

We know that our God is all-powerful, and so we know that everything we possess really belongs to Him anyway. So it’s really awesome to have the opportunity to give back 10% of what God has given us in order to fuel the ministry of His church. Your giving helps us provide hot coffee every Sunday. Your giving helps us offer free community events that give families a fun, safe place to spend time together. Your giving helps purchase Bibles that are given out to those who wouldn’t otherwise have one. And your giving covers so much more beyond that and it makes a difference in the lives of so many.

Make a difference.

Our mission is to know God and to make God known. Our vision is to see the Son rise and shine over Chenango County. Those two statements are the focus of every decision made with regard to our finances. So when you give, you are making a difference in seeing Chenango Country transformed. Funds go towards backpack programs in our local schools, backpack programs for recently released inmates, new programs and events to keep our youth and children engaged in a safe and fun way, and the development of leaders who are honing their skills at cvfree but carrying those skills into the workplace as well.